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ProCert® Course and Activity Certification

Utilize ProCert within aPTitude as the certification and approval entity for continuing competence activities and be assured that activities completed by licensees meet the FSBPT Standards for Continuing Competence Activities, a comprehensive set of quality standards and measurable criteria. To learn more about ProCert visit here.


  • Communicate your continuing competence and education requirements to licensees in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • Automatically notify your registered licensees when your requirements change.
  • Verify licensees' completion of activities.
  • Run compliance status reports.


Provide PTs with a way to assess their current general practice knowledge and to guide their future continuing competence activity choices. To learn more about oPTion visit here.

Jurisprudence Assessment Modules & Exams        

Partner with FSBPT to develop jurisprudence tools to promote understanding of your practice act and rules. Jurisprudence tools are administered and updated by FSBPT to remain current. To learn more, email